Log - Outputs - Work Record

This is a comprehensive record of scholarly outputs, qualifications, projects and works along with professional memberships and engagements. Accompanying notes where applicable. 


  • Forthcoming book based on PhD: The Abolition of Admiralty and the Creation of the Ministry of Defence

  • Future publication based on PhD: Title TBA. (US Defense Unification)

  • Future publication based on post-doctoral research: Title TBD. (Space related research.)

  • Co-Editor and a contributor, Title TBA. (Corbett 100 Publication)

Core Academic Outputs

  • Doctorate in War and Strategic Studies (PhD), completed 2021 King’s College London. Awarded 2022. PhD thesis title: Deconstructing the Seapower State: Britain, America and Defence Unification.

    • Abstract: This research examines the relationship between defence unification and the development of strategic theory between 1945 and 1964. Defence unification was one of, if not the defining change in British and American defence and government. Only by studying unification as a fundamental change can its integral relationship to the ongoing development of strategic thought and theory be understood. This thesis is situated at the interface of organisational development, intellectual-educational process, political-cultural-military history, strategic studies and civil-military relations. This thesis explores the fundamental structural change in British and American defence following the abolition of the Admiralty and Department of the Navy. It provides a new history of British and American defence unification. It challenges current perspectives on freestanding service ministries' function by reopening debates such as the so-called 'British Way of Warfare' and 'Continental Commitment.' It contributes to this debate by demonstrating the impact of unification and 'jointness' on the broader British and American national understanding of naval power and maritime strategy and its relationship with high policy decision-making and defence strategy, of which all parts of defence and national security were impacted such as intelligence, wargaming, nuclear weapons policy through to new technology and issues such as space policy where unification often saw the rejection of strategic experience. This research is a contribution to ongoing theoretical debates about maritime strategy, sea and naval power, grand and national strategy based on reconsidering outdated narratives of defence unification and reopening debates that contrast the significance of continental and maritime strategies and its interface with political power, decision making and ultimately the 'battle' for a national strategy.

  • Master of Research (MRes) awarded 2015. Thesis title: ‘The End of Admiralty and its Impact on British Defence Policy 1955-1964

Academic and Professional Appointments

  • ‘Laughton-Corbett’ Research Fellow. Department of War Studies, King’s College London. (2022-)

    • The Fellowship position is named after the founding ‘father’ of naval history Professor Captain John Knox Laughton RN (1830-1915) and historian, philosopher of seapower and maritime strategist Sir Julian Corbett (1854-1922). In the spirit and intent of their work, the objective of the role is to pursue “new and original scholarly research at post-doctoral level with an eye to the future” using applied history for strategic studies.  

  • Non-Resident Research Fellow, US Naval War College (2017-)

    • Facilitated a research MoA agreement between USNWC and King’s College London for naval and maritime related research.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow Royal Historical Society (FRHistS)

  • Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS)

    • By special appointment for services between the Social Sciences (Public Policy), Arts, Humanities and the Science community’s for Space. 


  • Active Research: ‘Maritime Strategy and Space’ (Laughton-Corbett Fellowship)

  • Active Project: ‘Corbett 100’

    • Project lead and designer. Corbett 100 marks the centenary of the death of historian, philosopher of seapower and maritime strategist Sir Julian Corbett (1854-1922). More information.

    • 3 International Conferences, a joint research project between the UK, US and Australia ‘AUKUS’ formed of academics, former and serving military personnel. Supported by other nations including: Japan, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, India and Portugal.

    • Created, organised and ran King’s College London Corbett 100 Conference.

  • Active academic collaborative project: ‘King’s Wargaming Network’

    • A founding member of King’s Wargaming Network.

      • The network advances the theory and application of wargaming as a method of inquiry and as a method of learning and teaching

      • Educates to inspire and improve by advancing and democratising wargaming in education.

      • Research to inform and innovate by developing wargaming as an academic discipline.

    • Completed: Naval Wargaming Research

      • Provide a new history of Naval Wargaming.

      • Research the impact and influence of naval wargaming on the development of strategic studies and the study of history.

      • Research into the study and practice of wargaming for naval and maritime research, historical research and use as an educational tool.

  • Completed event: ‘Falklands 40: War and Defence Studies' Perspectives in the 21st Century.’

Publications and Journal Articles

Lectures, Papers, Events and Conference Presentations

  • Chair (Host/Organiser) and Discussion: ‘Space Power and Space Warfare and Irregular Warfare’ with Dr John Klein, 30 Jan. 2024.

  • Chair and Discussion: King’s Wargaming Network Public Lecture Series 'Naval Wargaming Beyond the Classroom' by Dr Nick Bradbeer (RN/MoD/UCL), 28 Nov. 2023

  • Lecture: The U.S. Navy, Royal Navy, and the Maritime Influence on Space Power 1945–. US Naval Academy. Sept. 2023.

  • Event: US Naval Academy panel organiser, chair and commentary ‘The Nuclear Navy’. Sept. 2023.

  • Podcast: Deconstructing the Seapower State, American Defense Unification. US Naval Academy Preble Hall Podcast. Sept. 2023.

  • Keynote Lecture: The Art and Philosophy of Wargaming in the st Century? Revisiting fundamental questions of the past, present, and future nature and character of wargaming, A Strategic Studies and History Perspective. King’s College London, Wargaming Week Keynote, 1 June 2023.

  • Public Lecture: Defence Unification, Strategy and Policy: 1945-1964, Institute for Historical Research, 30 May 2023. London.

  • Public Lecture: Refighting the Battle of the Atlantic after 1945 Legacy, Culture, Policy, Plans, Doctrine, and the State. Part of the Battle of the Atlantic 80th Anniversary events. Liverpool John Moores University, 20 May 2023.

  • Lecture: Orbiting Corbett: Corbett for the Next Generation of Strategists, from ‘land-think’ to ‘seabed to space’. US Naval War College, 12 May 2023.

  • Academic Lecture: Astrostrategy to National Strategy: Utilising the Maritime Strategic Way of Thinking 'From Seabed to Space’. New Voices in Global Security Series, King’s College London, 7 Dec. 2022

  • Event: From National Strategy to Strategy in Policy: The Evolution of Strategy and Strategic thought and the Interface with Policymaking. (Organiser and Chair) Professor Beatrice Heuser and Professor Andrew Lambert, 24 Oct 2022.

  • Lecture: Forgetting Corbett: The Decline of Historically-led Methodology and Maritime Influences on Strategy in the Contemporary Era – 2022 School of Security Studies Research Conference “Back to the Future? Continuity and Change in the study of War and Conflict.

  • Public Lecture: The Creation of the UK Ministry of Defence & the US Department of Defense: Power, Politics and Agenda.  A New History. King’s College London 5 May 2022.

  • Podcast: The British Way of War, Julian Corbett and national strategy with Professor Andrew Lambert and Dr James WE Smith. Feb. 2022.

  • Event: Corbett 100: Perspectives, Signs and Portents, Sir Julian Corbett’s Influence Today. US Naval Academy, panel organiser and chair, Sept. 2022.

  • Lecture: United States Naval Academy Defense Unification, the U.S. Navy and the Space Race 1957-1970’

  • Lecture: Naval Wargaming: Theory and Application of Naval Wargaming as a Tool to Advance Maritime Strategic Concepts and Historical Inquiry. King’s College London, 3 Dec.2019.

  • Lecture: US Naval Academy, Two Steps from Abolition: The U.S Navy and U.S Defence Unification 1945-1964.

  • Lecture: US Naval War College, The Victory at Sea: Naval Lessons of the Great War and the U.S Navy of the Twenty First Century, Victory at Sea Conference, 13-15 March 2019

  • Public Lecture: The Abolition of the Admiralty and the handover of Strategic Maritime Doctrine to the U.S.A., 1945-1964. King’s College London, 29 Nov. 2018.

  • Lecture: US Naval War College, Naval Leadership and Naval Leaders, Sea Control and Foreign Policy

  • Lecture: US Naval Academy ‘The Influence of the United States Navy on the End of the British Admiralty / The Abolishment of the British Admiralty and Its Correlation with Reform of the United States Department of the Navy 1945-1964’

  • Podcast/ Occasional Paper: Studying History Matters to the Modern Navy. King’s College London War Studies Podcast. (2017).

  • Occasional Paper: The Battle for Jutland: One hundred years and beyond. Is it over? First World War at Sea, National Maritime Museum (UK), May 2016.

  • Public Lecture: The Admiralty’s Final Champion of the Naval Message: Lewin of GreenwichPlymouth University, 16 April 2016.

Press Releases

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • King’s College London: Laughton Naval History and Maritime Strategy Unit, Centre for Grand Strategy, Wargaming Network, Space Security Research Group (Formerly Freeman Air and Space Institute) and research themes: Strategic Studies, Military and Political History.

  • US Naval Institute, Naval Records Society, Society for Nautical Research Society of Military History, HMS HOOD association, 1805/Nelson Society, CIMSEC.

Comment, Discussion and Debate

  • Mahan Versus Corbett will not inform a Modern Strategy for China. April 2022 US Naval Institute ‘Proceedings’ Vol. 148/4/1,430.

  • Which Marine Corps Commandant had the most lasting impact on the service? —General Alexander Vandegrift. November 2021 US Naval Institute ‘Proceedings’ Vol 147/11/1,425.

  • The Revolt of the Admirals and Today’s Battle Over the Defense Budget. February 2021 US Naval Institute ‘Proceedings’ Vol. 147/2/1,416.

  • King’s: Home for Naval History and Maritime Strategic Research. King’s ‘Strife’ Journal, 21 Feb. 2020.

  • Book Review: James Smith (2023) American Defense Reform: Lessons from Failure and Success in Navy History, History: Reviews of New Books, 51:5, 127-128, DOI: 10.1080/03612759.2023.2237263


  • ‘Rescue’ and preservation of records from the UK (British) Navy League and Imperial Maritime League from destruction, a project in partnership between King’s College London Liddell-Hart Archive and the UK National Maritime Museum. 

  • Ongoing declassification and FOIA review of US DoD historical records.

  • Various letters, co-signatory or otherwise on letters in national UK and US press on matters of defence and military history.

  • Reviewer/SME consultant for various journals and editorial boards for topic specifc papers submitted to them.

  • Consultant for Royal United Services Institute Report on UK Space Policy. 

  • Consultant on naval/maritime history for the BBC for the UK Festival of Remembrance/Remembrance Service.